Men Swim Shorts Flat Belts

短款、量身定做并且背面贴身,这些男士短款泳裤的剪裁强调紧实的臀部线条。两个侧袋、一个后部口袋和平腰带设计,让您更尽情享受沙滩上的自由时光。醒目的轮廓和颜色、超大的弹力和标志性的图案装饰,使得 Merise 设计成为我们男士泳装系列的招牌。纯色、双色或绘画般的设计敏锐地凸显出了该时尚泳装品牌的风格。
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Men’s swim trunks: a flat waistband for an elegant getaway.

As with all Vilebrequin swimwear, these men’s flat-waistband swim trunks... are the fruit of a thirty-stage manufacturing process that ranges from the printing of the pattern to the peach-finish. The result: uniquely soft and supple men’s flat-waistband swim trunks. Short, tailored and close-fitting at the back, these designs emphasise the curves of a firm behind. With their strong shape and bright colours, back and side pockets, these men’s swim trunks are designed for beach fun and infinitely luxurious summer chic.阅读更多