High-Waisted Swimsuits for Women

Vilebrequin 为女士高腰泳装重新注入青春活力,后者堪称女性衣柜必备的永恒经典之作。该系列女士泳衣时尚精致,旨在彰显玲珑轮廓。该系列比基尼短裤细节迷人、工艺精良、线条简洁,预示着您将度过一个难忘的夏天。
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    Women Highwaisted Bikini Bottom Rayures

When Vilebrequin revisits women’s high-waisted swimsuits.

Made out of airy and refined materials for the most luxurious of holidays..., Vilebrequin shaping swimsuits outline modern, attractive and timeless silhouettes. They are extremely comfortable and allow those that wear them to fully enjoy their time on the beach without ever having to worry about being stylish. The perfect partner for a long summer holiday or multiple getaways, our women’s high-waisted swimsuits aim to meet the needs of the modern aesthete. Cut high on the leg for a lengthening effect, these women’s high-waisted swimsuits widen the sphere of possibilities in terms of summer chic. Some are even reversible; allowing you to switch between plain and printed to your heart is content and always be stylish.阅读更多