Alex Israël capsule collection

Vilebrequin X Alex Israel

the collaboration

The founder found the original inspiration for Vilebrequin swimwear in L.A. surfers’ trunks. The collaboration with Alex Israel is very much a continuation of looking at West Coast and surf culture.

From the light and colors of the L.A. sky, to the eccentric culture of the people who walk beneath it, these swim shorts become yet another Hollywood prop within Alex Israel’s universe. His shorts for Vilebrequin are a logical extension of his artistic vocabulary. They are to be worn against the backdrop of golden summer sunlight, with a pair of sunglasses.


alex israel

Artist Alex Israel is a leading figure of the contemporary Los Angeles art scene. His work explores the Californian influences that have also shaped and inspired the Vilebrequin brand. The universe reflected through Israel’s lens is an ecosystem in which each element in the artist's growing vocabulary may reappear, be recycled, remixed, or completely transformed.

A West Coast Warhol of the 21st century, Israel is a prolific creative in the broadest sense of the term: writer, filmmaker, entrepreneur and artist. His work engages with contemporary culture and media to create an ideal environment for consumption, sharing and liking in this, our social media era.

Alex Israël capsule collection
Alex Israël capsule collection