It’s finally here!

Admit it, you were dreaming of it, in this dreary, wintery gloom. Swapping the underground platform for the deck of a boat, your alarm clock for the soft lull of the waves, the cold for the heat… Well, so be it. If anyone can take you on a cruise this season, we can. Climb aboard the brand new Vilebrequin Cruise Lines.
No need for a large suitcase, all you need is sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen... We’ll take care of the swimsuits. Picture yourself lounging on a deckchair gazing at the blue horizon. Taking a break, feeling the sea breeze caress your skin, and the cool water refresh your body. Going crabbing, sunbathing on desert islands, dancing the night away and sipping delicious cocktails!

« Take me on a cruise to the ends of the earth. »

VBQ Cruise Line print collection cruise 20
VBQ cruise lines
Welcome on board !
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Rémifasoles print collection Vilebrequin Cruise 20
Ré mi fa soles
Ray - a broad, flat fish.
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Bateaux sur l'eau print collection Vilebrequin Cruise 20
Bateaux sur l'eau
Calm seas and blazing sun.
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Coral and fish print collection cruise 20 Vilebrequin
Coral and fish
Deep sea dizzy.
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Jungle print collection cruise 20 Vilebrequin
Leafy port of call.
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Welcome on board