Gifts for father and son Gifts for father and son Gifts for father and son Gifts for father and son


Whether it's for Father's Day, a birthday or any other special occasion, finding the perfect gift is not always an easy task. Thanks to the father and son matching swim shorts, you will offer great moments of complicity and a foretaste of the upcoming holidays to the whole family! Colorful, comfortable and elegant, Vilebrequin's father and son swimwear will appeal to young and old alike. Iconic swim shorts, short swim shorts, long swim shorts: there's something for everyone!

If you are looking forward to the beaches and the seaside, you'll love our father and son matching swimwear! Thanks to their suppleness and elasticity, Vilebrequin father and son swim shorts enable you to run, swim or sunbathe in complete freedom. Because they are timeless, easy to care for and made from quality materials, Vilebrequin father and son matching swimwear are exceptional. Vilebrequin swim shorts are free of toxic substances and rigorously tested: they guarantee remarkable comfort and reliability.

Carefully crafted and assembled, our father and son matching swim trunks are designed to make everyone feel like a fish - or a turtle - in the water! Because it is a true icon of the brand, the turtle is very often honored with the Ronde des tortues multicolored print. At Vilebrequin, the turtle is King! But creativity doesn't stop there: there is a room for all the marine animals and aquatic plants at Vilebrequin! Not forgetting floral motifs which embellish our family matching swimsuits in a chic and relaxed style.



If you are looking for the perfect gift for your father or your kids, choose Vilebrequin's matching father and son swim trunks and enjoy unforgettable moments of complicity with your family. Whether it's for Christmas, a birthday or any other occasion, you will make them happy with our family matching swimwear!