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Limited Edition

Released as a numbered, limited edition.
Without a doubt, the one thing Vilebrequin knew it had to invest in was embroidery. Seeing motifs come to life through colour, texture and volume, is a dream come true. This is also how the Mistral swimsuit was born. Originally limited to a few styles, today this embroidered swimsuit is available in a wide array of prints, while always remaining true to a spirit of exclusivity. A Mistral swimsuit is produced in a limited run of no more than 299 individual pieces. Don't bother searching for the 300th; it is kept under lock and key in the Vilebrequin archives. Each numbered item is luxurious, down to its sterling-silver tips.

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How can such an infinitely rich pattern be made using only a few colours of thread?
Some would see it as a mission impossible. Vilebrequin, however, sees it as a source of inspiration. It's all a matter of point of view.
The St. Tropez-based brand has turned to the most qualified experts, who are true masters of embroidery. There are only four ateliers in the world that embroider Vilebrequin swimsuits. The youngest has been in business for 40 years, while the oldest has been operating for 260 years! To say they are skilled at their craft is an understatement.