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At Vilebrequin, there’s a different model of swimsuit for every man and every occasion. From the classic Moorea cut – the original swimwear style for men from the 1970’s – to the fitted stretch silhouette of the Merise, we offer a vast selection of men’s swim shorts. Plain or printed, or even embroidered for the ultimate aesthetes, our men’s swimsuit models all bear a common thread: sun, freedom and luxury. A holiday spirit that is handed down from father to son.

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Swimwear for men fitted style Vilebrequin
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    Flat belts

    Swim briefs and Boxer

    Embroidered Numbered Edition

Vilebrequin men’s swim trunks: the art of swimwear.

Vilebrequin men’s swim trunks showcase all of the maison’s know-how through their numerous details. Eyelets placed at the back of the swim trunks reduce the ballooning effect by guaranteeing that the water runs out. The use of peach-finish polyamide gives the swim trunks a soft feel and an unrivalled fit whilst helping them dry quicker. All this goes to show that know-how has always been an important term in Vilebrequin’s vocabulary. Playfulness, generosity, creativity, elegance and luxury: each and every one of these notions is embodied by every piece of our luxury swimwear and male wardrobe. And particularly by our all-time classics such as Moorea, the original 1970s men’s swim trunks, Merise or Minise, both of which are more fitted and modern. Plain, printed or even embroidered for the ultimate aesthetes, our men’s swim shorts evoke a unique holiday feeling that can be passed down from father to son.