Men's Printed Short Swim Trunks

Designing elegant seaside style for men everywhere has been Vilebrequin's passion for 50 years. Year after year, our men's short swim trunks prove that you can do great things with very little fabric. Especially when they're adorned with signature more
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    Men Short Swim Shorts Carapaces

Men's printed short swim trunks

The Vilebrequin men's short swim trunks find their sweet spot somewhere between the length of a pair of... boxers and swim shorts. While swim shorts may be popular and versatile, our men's short swim trunks are shortened to give you better freedom of movement and ventilation. Perfect for swimming or taking a nap in the shade, they're a piece of technical mastery made in a unique design process that blends innovative, quick-drying fabrics with an ultra-soft feel. Because every pair of printed short swim trunks should be as practical as they are stylish. Ideal for those who want to give their legs a little more length, Vilebrequin's printed short swim trunks have a fitted design that works for almost every body type. They're the perfect partner for travel adventures on the sand or in the waves, but always in the sunread more.