Vilebrequin Kite

Vilebrequin Kite Unique front view
Vilebrequin Kite Unique back view
Vilebrequin Kite Unique front worn view
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Vilebrequin Kite Unique details view 3
Vilebrequin Kite
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Vilebrequin Kite
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Celebrating the art of togetherness in the sun, the latest addition to the VBQPLAY range is manufactured in France using traditional methods and top-grade materials: discover our VBQFLY kite in the shape of the Vilebrequin turtle in collaboration with Ramlal Tien, double vice world champion of freestyle kite.

  • Vilebrequin Turtle Kite in limited edition of 12 pieces
  • Composed of tear-resistant 38g ripstop polyester for the sail, a lightweight carbon-fiber blend for the frame, and expertly finished ash for the handle
  • Kite designed and manufactured by Ramlal Tien, double vice world champion of freestyle kite
  • Delivered in a canvas carry bag and an assembly manual
  • Made in France
  • Sizes: 120 cm x 100 cm
  • Hand made Kite
  • VBQFLY Model
  • VBQPLAY Collection

Style: vbqfly
Model: VBFU19V4-000
Care Instructions

For your safety

  • This toy is not suitable for children under 5 years old.
  • Choose a suitably clear area.
  • Avoid flying the kite with other people around you so as not to injure them in the event of a fall.
  • Stay away from traffic, rocks, power lines, airports, and livestock
  • Do not fly the kite in stormy weather.
  • Do not use the kite in strong winds, higher than 21.7 miles per hour. Risk of tearing the canvas

Adjusting your kite

  • The kite is pre-set for an average wind speed of 9.3 to 12.4 miles per hour (3 on the Beaufort Scale). It does not need changing in these conditions.
  • For gentle winds of 6.2 to 9.3 miles per hour (2 on the Beaufort scale) you’ll need to adjust the bridle. The bridle features two colored markings, the lower one for higher wind speeds, the upper one for lower wind speeds.
  • To switch settings, tug on both sides of the Prusik knot fixing the loop to the bridle in order to « loosen » it. It can then slide freely along the bridle. Once the loop reaches the upper setting, hold the end of the loop with one hand and slide the Prusik knot towards the kite with the other hand, tightening it until it can no longer slide
  • The kite can now be flown in lower wind speeds. Should the wind pick up, simply switch settings by repeating the initial steps, returning to the original setting or selecting the upper marking if winds exceed 15.5 miles per hour (4 on the Beaufort scale).
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Vilebrequin Play Beach Games



After taking you over land and sea, Vilebrequin’s sea turtles are ready for their next chapter—and this time it’s in the air! Before Dad admits to being afraid of heights, reassure him: he won’t be the one flying. Vilebrequin has pulled a few strings, teaming up with Vice World Kite Champion Ramlal Tien to create yet another reason to steer you in the direction of the beach.

A breeze to assemble and a joy to fly, this turtle is one sturdy guy. A word of advice: wear your swim trunks. With water that close, you never know…

Ramlal Tien is something of a high-flyer. An accomplished designer and sport kite competitor, he started his own artisanal kite label, L’Atelier. Internationally renowned for his freestyle performances as part of Red Bull Kiteforce, Ramlal is two-time Vice World Champion (2010, 2012).

Get into the swing of vacation with VBQPLAY, a chic new range of beach games.

Download our Kite assembly instructions