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16 June 2023 - Collections

Counting the minutes until your next escape…? Allow Vilebrequin to help. Presenting a collection of finely-crafted timepieces celebrating the House’s bright, laidback heritage—for anyone who could use some extra hours of sunlight.


This collection takes you back in time: to the days of Saint-Tropez in the early 70s…When the original swim short hit the beach, it sent shock waves around the world. Over 50 summers later, Vilebrequin’s playful elegance hasn’t aged in the slightest.

Many hours of savoir-faire go into creating a Vilebrequin garment—so you can instantly unwind in it. Two new high-end quartz watch lines for men and women perpetuate the French brand’s commitment to high-precision craftsmanship and effortless refinement.

One thing Vilebrequin has plenty of time for is color, and the bolder the better! Why shouldn’t a watch bring you the same sense of joy your swim trunks do? 

It’s not often you get to see sophisticated movements in such spectacular colors! A 44mm dial gives men’s watches plenty of room for seduction.

Cases are faceted to catch as much sunlight as possible. You can also easily keep track of the date… You may need a little help after a few days of vacation. From subdials to hand tips, each piece has unique surprises!

Time for a dip? Not to worry: The majority of models come with their own “swimsuits” in the form of water-resistant translucent coating, offering full protection up to 100m. 


Elegant whatever point the sun’s at, women’s timepieces feature signature Vilebrequin motifs and prints on the dial. Ocean waves, sea turtles… An ode to the art of slow living! Cases don’t need gems to sparkle: the light will do that for you naturally. Some models glow in the dark to make life easier on summer nights, while others have a rotating bezel to measure how long they’re in the water…Every version of paradise you can think of!

Crafted to reflect a wealth of influences, a couple of models have half Roman and half Arabic numerals—a tradition dating back to the last century when a watchmaker mistakenly used both! Like the board short, this daring new look eventually became a trend. It goes by the name“California”, evoking the golden age of surf where the Vilebrequin legend began.

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