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17 July 2019 - Destinations

Summertime provides a well-deserved opportunity to unwind and pursue new adventures as a family. To inspire your crew this summer (and beyond), here are 10 destinations that are especially conducive to gatherings of family or friends, from a dude ranch out West to a storied hideaway in the South of France.

Vilebrequin - American West
Canada Indagare Canada Indagare

Vilebrequin - Mallorca
Vilebrequin - Antigua Vilebrequin - Antigua

Vilebrequin - Nantucket
Vilebrequin - Cap Ferrat
Indagare Biarritz Indagare Biarritz

What to pack for your family vacation this summer? We have the perfect solution. Our recommended summer packing list includes:

• Sunscreen with SPF
• Aloe Moisturizer
Vilebrequin Men’s Swim Trunks
Linen pants
Flip flops
Suede Loafers
Polarized Sunglasses
• Light Cardigan
Mens Polos and T-shirts
Vilebrequin Womens Bikini (2-3)
Pair of Dark Wash Jeans
Cap or Hat
• Camera and Headphones
• Travel Journal

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