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Saint Tropez Saint Tropez


29 March 2021 - Destinations

Saint-Tropez: where everything sizzles that bit more. Vacationers and visitors, stars and perfect strangers have helped make this fishing village into the stuff of legend. To Vilebrequin, it’s simply home. Here’s our sand-picked edit of the beaches, bars, eateries, boutiques and sights not to miss out on.

Our Beaches

Vilebrequin - Ponche
Vilebrequin - Club 55
Vilebrequin - Salins

Our Cafés

Alchymist Beach Club Alchymist Beach Club

Sénéquier ®

Some of the happy few are quick to judge and look down on Sénéquier®. This is completely unjustified because the establishment is part of the port’s history. Since 1887, in the village, on Place aux Herbes, the bakery has been selling delicious brioches with sugar and orange blossom, scrumptious nougats and gorgeous meringues. Meanwhile on the port, the café-brasserie – easy to spot with its red awnings – is in full swing. So why not treat yourself to a front-row seat on the terrace for a little VIP-watching? 29 quai Jean-Jaurès.

Vilebrequin - Le Sube

Our Walks

Alchymist Beach Club Alchymist Beach Club

Vilebrequin - Les Trois Cabs

Our Culture Tips

Alchymist Beach Club Alchymist Beach Club

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