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Home is the new beach Home is the new beach


17 April 2020 - Events

2021 marks a major ‘maillot’ stone for Vilebrequin. Join us as we happily admit to 50 years of sun, fun and seduction in the spirit of St-Tropez 1971… and gear up for plenty more to come!




1 : #swimsuithunt 

We’re looking to reunite as many swim shorts as we can dating from 1971-2000 – starting with yours! Think you own pair ?

Get digging through your closets, attics, suitcases, drawers… Who knows what treasures are buried in there! Once you’ve finished reliving the good times, send us rear and front pictures of your shorts (no need to be in them, promise !) along with details on where and when you acquired them, the story behind them… anything that can help us identify them! We’ve created an address just for you:

Once they’ve been authenticated and documented by Vilebrequin HQ, we’ll be in touch with a reward for all your help.

Home is the new beach
Home is the new beach

2 : #backtosummer

To help you warm up for vacation (it’s coming – promise !), we’re sending you on a trip we think you’ll enjoy: #BackToTheSummer

You know ! The summer. The one you when got your very first Vilebrequin. Or was it the one when you made a splash for all the right reasons? There’s plenty of evidence out there somewhere to help you remember the year…
However questionable your hairstyles were back then, there’s one thing that’s still very much in style : It’s been almost 50 years since we launched our first pairs of shorts – a landmark we couldn’t rightfully celebrate without you, our walking archives.

Go shake the sand out of your photo albums. Dig deep into your camera rolls. Force the kids to sit through your home movies – they have the time. We’d love to see some of the memories you’ve made with Vilebrequin over the years, whether they make you laugh out loud or bring a little salt water to your eyes. Because sometimes the best way forward is to look back and smile.

If you’d like to share a sunny souvenir in Vilebrequin, tag us on social media using @vilebrequin #BackToSummer
Too compromising? Send it to us by email:




3 : #shortstories

If swim shorts could talk, yours would probably have enough material for an entire novel.They’ve seen a lot, lived a lot, loved a lot. Isn’t that what makes a bestseller? Character.

Whether it’s a thriller, a romance, or just pure comedy, now’s your chance to tell their story. Your brief: share with us your favorite Vilebrequin anecdote, however improbable! Did your shorts land you a date? Or a lead to an eventful summer?

Just remember to keep it short and sweet – 350 words max! Please submit your work to or to our Facebook and Instagram. But be short and sweet, 350 words maximum !

The most inventive #ShortStories will be selected for collector’s edition ‘beach towel’ book and receive a very special prize (not a Pulitzer).

Home is the new beach

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