Men's Long Printed Swim Trunks

With their flawless fit, our men's printed long swim trunks are the perfect summer style. Very practical for board sports in the water, the long design of our luxury men's swimwear offers more coverage with an equal amount of style. High-performance, sporty... and stylish, our premium swimwear is a men's wardrobe more
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    Men Long Swim Shorts Cocorico !

Men's solid long swim trunks

A solid Bermuda short is always in style, and that's exactly what Vilebrequin had in mind when it designed... its Okoa men's long swim trunks. More simple and understated than the printed designs, Vilebrequin's solid Bermuda shorts are no less bold. Take a stroll, laze in the sun or go for a dip... our men's long swim trunks are designed for the modern man to stay charming, comfortable and elegant in every scenario, thanks to an exacting construction and technical fabrics like emerised polyamide. Perfect for taller men or those who prefer a little more coverage, Vilebrequin men's long swim trunks are designed with everyone in mind. With its unique range of men's swimwear and the spirit behind the brand, Vilebrequin is your ultimate travel companion this more