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29 November 2016 - Destinations


1. What are your favourite summer hangouts in the city? 

When I stay in Paris for the summer, my favorite place to stay is the Tuileries Garden. It’s a very nice place to stay with some friends to have a picnic.

2. Your tips for sustaining the Poolside 365 lifestyle in your city. 

I eat very healthy all year long, but even more during summer. Then I only use my bike to move around. Of course I try to see a lot my friends, especially the ones I can’t see during the year. But as a traveler my tips is to try to discover new cities. Sometimes you don’t need to go far, you can just discover new places in your city you don’t know. For example I live in Paris but during the year I don’t go to the left bank, so this summer I tried to discover more this side of Paris.

3. Describe your perfect city summer day.

I wake up early because I like enjoying the morning. The light is peaceful, and the street are empty in Paris. I go to take a coffee in a little Italian restaurant just next to my place called ‘Capucine caffette”.
Then I go to my office to work a little, answer to my mail, and write articles for my blog I go then eat in a restaurant in my neighborhood: “La belle équipe”.
In the afternoon, when I leave my office, I walk a little in the street, listening to music (playlist on my Spotify account: romaincosta).
At night I join my friend to have a drink next to the canal St Martin and I come back to my place at la Bastille to sleep, always with the window open.

4. Please list the five essential items you need for a summer.

Of course, a swimsuit. Actually, I like wearing different kind of swimsuit: short, long, colorful, with patterns, etc… So that’s why I’ve always had a swimsuit from Vilebrequin since I am a child. I used to buy Vilebrequin swimsuits with my mom in a St Tropez shop. Then, of course my phone to listen music and use Instagram. A sunscreen, because I have a very fragile skin. A waterproof case, to take picture under the water and finally a good book because this is the only period I am able to read a lot.

5. What is the best pool in your city? 

Definitely the Molitor Pool ! As an architect, I like so much this building. And the restaurant is excellent! This is also an hotel, and the rooms are very nice, with an amazing view on the outside pool.


6. How does the sun affect the lifestyle of the people in your city? 

When it’s sunny in Paris, everybody looks so much happier! Everybody goes to the gardens to picnic, or have a drink on the docks.

7. How do you like to keep cool on a hot city summer day? 

When it’s too hot, I stay at my place all day, doing stuff I can’t usually do, like reading for example. I leave my place at the end of the afternoon, when the weather is less hot and I can walk in the street.


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8. When the city heat gets too hot, to where do you make your escape? 

As I am architect, I like visiting museum, so it’s a very good place to stay when it’s too hot outside! And in Paris during the summer it’s perfect because it’s empty.

9. What song sums up the summer for you? 

My favorite song for a long time is “Big Jet Plane” from Angus & Julia Stone.

10. Swimming; do you put in the lengths…or just splash around.  

I am good swimmer so I like putting in the lengths but of course, splashing around too. During the summer my favorite thing is to stay on an inflatable mattress in the middle of the pool!

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