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What’s your ideal Vilebrequin swimsuit?

Men Style Guide - There’s a Vilebrequin for every moment : meet the right men swimsuit.

Need a hand finding the right Vilebrequin luxury swimsuit? Relax and take a load off. We’re here to help you select the perfect fit – the one that makes every day feel like vacation, whatever you have planned. With an ocean of expertly tailored swimwear styles for all occasions and movement-friendly fabrics cut to perfection, you can be as active or inactive as you like – your call, captain.
Flaunt it!
Absolute comfort and unbeatably smart look.
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Free as a bird!
A short and stretchy cut for great freedom of movement.
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Feel at ease!
A stretchy version of the classic cut for maximum comfort.
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What else?
The iconic original Vilebrequin swimsuit cut.
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The flat belt
Like shorts!
A stretchy cut with flat waistband for a modern look.
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The long
Surfing spirit.
A long version of the classic swimsuit for a cool surfer look.
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for the swimming pool
Tight-fitting briefs and boxers for the pool.
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for the sportsmen
Stretch swimsuits for more fluidity in movement.
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for clubbers
Make a big impression with a phosphorescent swimsuit.
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for idleness
The iconic Moorea swimsuit with a chic and playful design.
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for aesthetes
Choose a meticulously embroidered swimsuit.
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for surfers
The classic swimsuit revisited in a long version for lovers of sliding.
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