A word from our captain... A word from our captain... A word from our captain... A word from our captain...

A word from our captain...

50 years ago, we took the world on holiday and never looked back. Since taking the world by the boardshorts in 1971, our brand has embodied the effortless elegance and carefree living synonymous with Saint-Tropez through our fun-loving prints and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Wiser but none the older (living on the beach has kept us young!), we started to think about our legacy and how we might use our platform to make the world a better place. To ensure our future remains as bright as our past, we’ve spent the last few years cleaning up our act.

The good news is we’ve been making waves for quite some time!

Our oceans are our top priority. We may have an easy-going reputation, but we are serious about saving the sea. Climate change and pollution haven’t done our oceans any favors, and we need to act fast to ensure future generations continue to find as much joy and inspiration as we have for the past 50 years.

This has meant taking a good look in the mirror and doing business in a more responsible and sustainable way. As of 2021, recycled or recyclable materials already represent 50% of our collections, and by 2023, we expect that figure to rise to 80%. This year also marks a new milestone achievement for the brand and one giant leap forward in our commitment to marine conservation: the official launch of the Fondation Vilebrequin.

Our vision for the future is also an extension of our commitment to quality. Each of our garments is a testament to half a century’s worth of savoir-faire, ensuring their durability and timeless style. However, we believe modern luxury should go way beyond stitch-deep. It should make a positive impact—not just on the planet, but on people too. With that in mind, we have revisited our supply chains to make sure every individual involved in the fabrication of our garments is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

At Vilebrequin, we believe no man is an island, and the change we stand to make could be that much greater if we act as one. For that reason, we are making it easier for our cherished customers and employees to get involved by empowering them with the education and resources they need to help us achieve our common goals.

We’ve rolled up our sleeves, and now we’re ready to get to work!

I hope you’ll join us.

Roland Herlory, Chief Executive Officer Vilebrequin

A brighter future is on the horizon...

Sustainability is an ever-evolving goal. As we learn more about the human impact on the planet and develop new technologies that can mitigate those effects, we’re sort of building the boat as we sail it, and that’s okay.

We believe that perfection is the enemy of progress, and we will never pretend to have all the answers. Instead, we’re focusing efforts where we know we can make a big and measurable difference.

Our goals are ambitious and timely; we have a lot we want to achieve before 2023. Using the United Nations’ SDGs (Sustainable Development Guide) as inspiration, we created a framework to advance our mission to heal and protect our blue planet. We call this roadmap Horizon 23.