Cruise 23 Cruise 23 Cruise 23 Cruise 23

Summer inception

Think hypnotic shells, dancing lobsters, and of course… neo turtles. For Cruise 23, we want to take you on a surrealistic voyage.

When the real world is in need of some fantasy, we invite you to look at it from another perspective: double-dimension forms, vibrant colors, lightness and freedom.  We want you to swim…high!

The only real life news we want to share are: From 2018 to 2022, we went from 4% to 99% of men’s swimwear collections made from sustainable materials. This new collection features an updated majority of recycled and recyclable fabrics in all categories—73% in total - coming even closer to our 2023 goal of 88%, that’s the sole reality possible.

Expand summer with unique color combinations and graphic prints, mixing different techniques to create a new parallel between reality and imagination.

A summer within summer: what could be more surrealistic?

“I invite you to discover this fresh, innovative and fun new collection. Surreal! ? Yes, that’s a fact. In a reality dominated by the health crisis, our vocation is to offer the pleasure of freedom, color and lightness. Our role is to open the door to the joy of livin and the spirit of holidays, may that be at home or in the beach. This is Vilebrequin.”

Roland Herlory, CEO Vilebrequin