Women swimwear crystal turtle Women swimwear crystal turtle
Women swimwear crystal turtle Women swimwear crystal turtle

Turtle muses: New high summer 2019 collection

A tribute to our muses

Father and Son over the rainbow turtles Father and Son over the rainbow turtles
Kids crystal turtles Kids crystal turtles

The turtle wave

Surf the trend

Men cotton polos Men cotton polos

New colors

Turtle rhyme with colors

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17 July 2019 - Destinations

We are proud to announce our partnership with Indagare, the members-only boutique travel-planning company, to bring you curated content about dream vacations. Indagare's trip designers partner with their members to create customized itineraries and unlock behind-the-scenes access and exclusive perks that they won't find anywhere else.
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About Vilebrequin, the art of swimsuits

The manufacture of men’s swimwear requires 32 steps. To the touch, a Vilebrequin swimsuit does not look like any other, it is soft and flexible.
In 45 years, Vilebrequin has learned to master the art of men’s swimsuit, and make its models perfectly identifiable.
On our iconic swimwear, two eylets on the back ensure that they don’t swell in the water.
On every Moorea man’s swimsuit, the drawstring is finished with stainless zamak tips, engraved Vilebrequin.

Vilebrequin swimsuits are treated to dry quickly.
The mesh lining used in our men’s swim trunks is seamless and made out of the softest fabric for optimal comfort. A flap pocket is cut out and placed by hand on the back of every pair of swim trunks for it to match perfectly with the rest of the print.
Our women's swimsuits are available in a wide range of designs, materials and prints. Some women’s swimsuits sculpt and shape the body for an enhanced silhouette. Vilebrequin swimsuit prints are exclusive and our printing techniques optimal.