Vilebrequin's deluxe swimwear: a 50-year success story

The ambition to elevate swimwear to a status symbol, on a par with watches, shoes and other garments/accessories; the precise references to a location that is the epicentre of bien vivre on the Côte d'Azur; the style that is ingrained in the French Riviera, chic while maintaining that je ne sais quoi that is sacred to our transalpine cousins; unexceptionable quality, the sine qua non of every luxury brand worthy of the name; a sense of colour that punctually flows into the kaleidoscope of nuances, intricacies and patterns characteristic of the collections. These, in short, are the salient points of the history of Vilebrequin, the high-end swimwear brand that is currently celebrating its half-century anniversary with a capsule collection of 50 pieces, one for each year of activity, which reviews the graphic peculiarities of the various decades, from the stroboscopic patterns of the Seventies to the fluorescent bestiary of the Noughties, with textures invaded by octopuses, flamingos, turtles and fish.