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21 July 2020 - Collaborations

Alchymist Beach Club Alchymist Beach Club

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Alchymist Beach Club Alchymist Beach Club

Speaking of creative limits… The villa’s terrace provided Massimo Vitali with an unusually challenging perspective: taken from above, this vast and luminous panorama captures crowds basking in the dolce vita provençale and the unique atmosphere of the residence. For the last seven years, Vilebrequin has been a proud partner of the villa Noailles for the Design Parade Festival in Hyères and Toulon, acknowledging emerging young talents.

A complex composition that looks deliciously simple. Of course, it wouldn’t be an authentic Vilebrequin and Massimo Vitali collaboration without a hint of mischief on the horizon! Look closer: One or two of the photo’s subjects are wearing swim shorts you may just recognize. A picture within a picture… Surreal!

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Alchymist Beach Club Alchymist Beach Club

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