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Top 10 - Christmas Destinations Top 10 - Christmas Destinations

TOP 10 Holiday destinations

07 November 2017 - Destinations

This year, in our Christmas list, we asked for sunny days. Winter is always too long, and the holiday season - between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve - is perfect to take your lover or your family to warmer weather places. In other areas of the world, the sun is shining. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

Here is our selection of the most attractive destinations for Winter 2017.

The Sultanate of Oman The Sultanate of Oman

1. The Sultanate of Oman

Best-kept secret of the East, the Sultanate of Oman is still not a famous destination for tourists. And yet, you just have to meet one person who has been there to see sparks in his eyes. Winter with a temperature of 25°, deserted fine sandy beaches, magic oasis, preserved nature... Now is the time to enjoy because a secret never stays a secret for very long.

The plus: authentic destination, change of scenery, dreamy landscapes, Omani hospitality.

Hotspot: the 5-star hotel Alila Jabal Akhdar, a pure wonder perched on the impressive mountains of Jabal Akhd.

Belize Belize

2. Belize

The heavenly destination for 2017! Let's be honest, there are several places each more gorgeous than the other on Earth but Belize possesses everything that charms us: dozens of islands with turquoise lagoons, a very preserved tourism and the possibility from 2018 to sleep in a hammock in Leonardo DiCaprio's private island.

The plus: paradise on Earth, few tourists, extraordinary fauna and flora.

Hotspot: Banco Chichorro, the country's most beautiful coral atoll contains rare species.

The Kerala The Kerala

3. The Kerala region in India

In malayalam, the local language, Kerala means coconut trees. Is it necessary to say more? Located in the Southeast of the country, Kerala benefits from warm temperatures, a diverse landscape (tea plantations, mountains, lagoons and dreamy beaches) and its fascinating culture. And if you feel like taking a little detour: the Maldives are 2 hours away by plane.

The plus: lavish and diversified nature, Indian traditions, a zen stay.

Hotspot: having a cruise on the backwaters, a series of lagoons and water lakes, a landscape typical of the State of Kerala.

Flores Island Flores Island

4. Flores Island in Indonesia

Forget Bali, which is a too common place, to favor the Flores island. Favorite spot for seabed lovers, the fauna and flora are of incredible wealth. Is it really necessary to tell you about the dreamy beaches? Guaranteed to impress your friends when you get back (yes, you will have to leave!)

The plus: sunny stay, very affordable destination for Indonesia, change of scenery, authenticity.

Hotspot: the lakes of the Kelimutu volcano craters.

Essaouira Essaouira

5. Essaouira in Morocco

Morocco is the ideal destination for small budgets or for a short winter escape. And our heart beats for Essaouira. Pleasant temperatures (around 20 degrees) and strong sunlight, the city attracts surfers from all over the world coming to tease the waves in the southernmost spots.

The plus: gastronomy, culture, Moroccan hospitality.

Hotspot: the Jardin des Douars hotel, a haven of peace hidden in the Essaouira hills.

Cuba Cuba

6. Cuba

The (almost) peaceful relations with the United States of America and the endorsement of the fashion planet with the Chanel fashion show cruise in 2016 have once again stained the revolutionary island with the glamor that it had before the Castro revolution. From Havana with its old-world charm to the white sand beaches of dreamy little islands, it would be surprising if you don't yield to the Cuban enchantment.

The plus: reasonable prices, Cuban kindness, contagious energy and joy of life.

Hotspot: the Malecon 663 hotel, in the very heart of Havana, gathers a bar, a concept-store and a rooftop with a swimming pool on the roof.

Goree Island Goree Island

7. Goree Island in Senegal

You don't come by accident to Goree Island. This small island offers a striking sweetness of life despite of its tragic past. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this island has an incredible charm with its colonial buildings, its small streets colored by the bougainvillea and its spots where it's so pleasant to stroll and relax.

The plus: timeless island, place of memory, to be combined with Dakar and Casamance, a place that became peaceful again.

Hotspot: have breakfast at the Chevalier de Boufflers hotel. Since the island is so small, it is better to stay in Dakar.

Paphos Paphos

8. Paphos in Cyprus

European Capital of Culture in 2017, the ancient city is the perfect destination for lovebirds who are sensitive to the symbolic power of the place. Aphrodite, the love Goddess, would have sprung from the waters not far from there. Pleasant temperatures in winter, impressive ancient remains and dreamy beaches an hour away by car.

The plus: historical site, beautiful beaches, authentic villages.

Hotspot: the beautiful archaeological park of Kato Paphos.

Tulum Tulum

9. Tulum in Mexico

Famous destination of the international Gypset, the unique Maya city built by the sea, is THE perfect wintry destination to forget about the first chills of winter. Turquoise water, long white sand beaches, full moon parties, yoga classes, very trendy shops, simply paradise.

The plus: the perfect mix between Zen attitude and coolness, pre-Columbian archaeological sites, top gastronomy.

Hotspot: the Coqui Coqui hotel, you would want to live there!

Kenya Kenya

10. Kenya

Ideal destination for those who want to multiply experiences: sunbath on a white sand beach, take advantage of the peacefulness of the Lamu island, hunt (with your eyes) the Big Five (elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffaloes) in the National Reserve of the Masai Mara.

The plus: change of scenery, cultural wealth, extraordinary fauna and flora.

Hotspot: the Tiwi beach, a real postcard, little frequented by tourists.


Have a good Winter break!


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