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Byron Bay - New Saint Tropez n°5 Byron Bay - New Saint Tropez n°5

Byron Bay, the city with cult initials

25 February 2018 - Destinations

Byron Bay - New Saint Tropez n°5

In 1808, the British poet Lord Byron told his mother "If you don't see other countries than yours, you can't give humanity a chance"... Yet this great lover of the Mediterranean has never set foot to Byron Bay, the easternmost point in Australia, named by the great explorer James Cook as a tribute to the navigator John Byron, the poet's grandfather.

There is little risk in betting that this old whale fishing port would have appealed to the most romantic English poet. We have to say that the order "Cheer up, slow down, Chill out" written on a sign at the city entrance would entice the most skeptical people.

Byron Lighthouse Byron Lighthouse

Bliss and Love

A life philosophy that rhymes with relaxation and sweetness of life and that has always been unique and has never changed for decades. One could even believe that the concepts of bohemian, new age, slow life, organic and sustainable agriculture were born here at the heart of this preserved nature where humility is not a bad word. Crocodile Dundee himself (aka the actor Paul Hogan) made it his home, just like the model Elle Macpherson or the icon of the '70s Olivia Newton-John. The beaches are among the most beautiful in Australia, you can walk around barefooted, hair blowing in the wind with a basket in your hand. Does it remind you someone…?

Byron hotel Byron hotel


The Atlantic: Paradise on the Earth! A chic, stylish and elegant cottage surrounded by palm trees and located near the beach where you would like to live all year long. Surf available of course.

Azabu Boutique Accommodation: If you want to live just like Robinson Crusoe, this hotel is for you! The Azabu Boutique is offering indeed a total escape! The modern cabins blend with nature and the rooms with large glass doors and deck patios look like they are perched among the trees.

Gaia retreat: Located at 13 km from BB, the Gaia Retreat offers you more than just a place to stay; it could change your life. Here the soul blossoms on the aboriginal ancestral land, between the earth and the sky. If you're interested in linking with nature, energies and yourself, don't miss this one of a kind place.

Byron restaurant Byron restaurant


Folk: The best breakfast place according to the Australian Vogue. Local products from the organic agriculture.  Coconut balls, Avocado toast, and great seventies soundtrack.

Combi: gluten free and vegan breakfasts that you can Instagram as much as you want. Even the donuts are crazy (special mention to the lemon/curcuma).



Buy some oysters at the Bay Seafood Market or some delicious mango chili chicken pies at the bakery in the main street and go have a picnic on the beach.



Three Blue Ducks Restaurant & Cafe: You must absolutely have a lunch at the Three Blue Ducks restaurant located inside a farm near Byron Bay. Delicious farm products for meat-eaters are served around big wooden tables: historic pig breeds, Scottish Highland cattle and chicken with vegetables from the garden. Authenticity guaranteed.

Treehouse on Belongil: A must in Byron Bay! As its name implies, it's among the trees in a magical environment that you will taste the best pizzas (gluten free or course) of your life. Live concerts at night. Friendly and typical atmosphere.

Beach Byron Bay: Romance and wonderful view in this beach side restaurant. Menu with fresh products.

Fleet: A tiny restaurant of 22 seats with a modern and trendy style. The creative menu has won many awards from the Australian food critics. Reservation required.

Byron food Byron food


The Railway Friendly Bar: Named The Rails by the locals. This rustic bar located in an old train station will surprise you with its atmosphere. Live concerts.

Cheeky Monkeys: #1 of the party bars, the Cheeky Monkeys is a local institution especially for people under 30.

The Mez Club: For 30 and up, you will prefer the casual atmosphere and the stylish cocktails of the Mez Club. Special mention to the salted caramel Russian.

Byron shop
Coral & Fish Linen Dress
Byron pool Byron pool

To do:

- Surf (or tan): Choose the Wategos beaches (with their legendary waves), the Main Beach and The Pass. They attract surfers from all over the world. For beginners, it's better to be assisted by Let’s Go Surfing.

- Gallop: Go for a horse ride on a hidden beach called Seven Mile Beach or on the hills of Bugalow.

- Vibrate: Hang-gliding, glider, stand-up paddle, scuba diving at the Julian Rocks scuba diving park. There is something for everyone in Byron Bay.

- Hike: Go around the peninsula at the crack of dawn on the Cap Byron walking track, up to the lighthouse, emblematic of Byron Bay. The views are fabulous. You can even see whales. To take part in a night hiking through a dense tropical forest and come across unique animal species like the pademelon, you have to contact the Nightcap National Park.

- Observe: Whales between May and September, manta rays, dolphins and sharks (harmless, you can believe us).

- Relax: Yoga sessions on the beach, guided meditation, massages at the Beachside Yoga and Massage… The region is also known for its alternative care practices (acupuncture, reiki, aromatherapy…).

Byron market Byron market

The Byron Bay markets

Byron Bay’s Community Market: One of the most famous markets of the region with 300 booths for local producers: handmade decorations, handmade jewelry, etc... Butler Street, every first Sunday of the month.

Byron Farmer’s Market: Local producers.  Butler Street, every Thursday, from 8 to 10 am.

Byron Artisan Market: Night market that takes place from October to March. This is an opportunity to discover the local culture: music, food, art, decoration... enjoyable atmosphere guaranteed. Railway Park, Jonson St, Byron Bay.


Before leaving 

The movies to see
Watch Australian icon movies again, even if the scenes do not necessarily take place in Byron Bay. It's always a good idea!

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert:  The disco road trip in deep Australia of 2 transsexuals and a crazy drag queen.

Crocodile Dundee: The unlikely encounter between a crocodile hunter, king of the Australian bush, and a journalist from New York. Based on a true story.

Bring in your suitcase

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