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17 July 2019 - Destinations

We are proud to announce our partnership with Indagare,the members-only boutique travel-planning company, to bring you curated content about dream vacations. Indagare's trip designers partner with their members to create customized itineraries and unlock behind-the-scenes access and exclusive perks that they won't find anywhere else.

To inspire your crew this summer (and beyond), here are 10 destinations that are ideal for trips with family or friends—from a dude ranch in the American West to a storied hideaway in the South of France. Summertime provides a well-deserved opportunity to unwind and pursue new adventures together.

Vilebrequin - American West
Canada Indagare Canada Indagare

Vilebrequin - Mallorca
Vilebrequin - Antigua Vilebrequin - Antigua

Vilebrequin - Nantucket
Vilebrequin - Cap Ferrat
Indagare Biarritz Indagare Biarritz

What to pack for your family vacation this summer? We have the perfect solution. Our recommended summer packing list includes:

• Sunscreen with SPF
• Aloe Moisturizer
Vilebrequin Men’s Swim Trunks
Linen pants
Flip flops
Suede Loafers
Polarized Sunglasses
• Light Cardigan
Mens Polos and T-shirts
Vilebrequin Womens Bikini (2-3)
Pair of Dark Wash Jeans
Cap or Hat
• Camera and Headphones
• Travel Journal

Indagare is a members-only boutique travel-planning company, offering curated content, customized trip-planning and group trips around personal passion points. For more information, go to
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