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top 5 cruise © Manuel Menal top 5 cruise © Manuel Menal


16 October 2019 - Destinations

Make way for a new generation of cruises and say goodbye to over-populated, polluting steal ships carrying thousands of aimless tourists. These new cruises are now in slow mode and take their time with respect to nature and local populations which offer the greatest of luxuries: time and space. Without further ado, lets cast off and securely tie our swimsuit and countdown the best eco-friendly cruises…

1 / The educational cruise: France
2 / The original cruise: Egypt
3 / The idyllic cruise: Indonesia
Vilebrequin - CopyRight Indagare Costa Rica
5 / The initiatory cruise: India © Manuel Menal
Vilebrequin -blanc Vilebrequin -blanc

Commandments of the responsible traveler

Reminder: responsible for 3% of total emissions of greenhouse gases (ships are propelled by the worst fuels from an environmental point of view), cruises are growing, more than 6% over one year! Traveling more consciously becomes a priority.

1- The choice of the date, price, and destination are important but also think about the impact of your cruise on the environment.

2- Consider travelling on smaller boats and vessels.

3- Consider shortening travel distance between destinations to help reduce fuel emissions of longer journeys

4- Learn about the environmental commitments of your travel agency.

5 – Reduce and recycle your garbage down on the ground.

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