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02 August 2016 - Destinations
Vilebrequin X Wallpaper Vilebrequin X Wallpaper

1. What are your favourite summer hangouts in the city?

The park.

2. Your tips for sustaining the Poolside 365 lifestyle in your city.

Wearing a casual outfit with a linen shirt.

3. Describe your perfect city summer day

It isn't currently the case, but if I could choose a city in the summer I would want to live in the south of Italy so that I could enjoy a real Italian summer with all of its colors and smells.

4. Please list the five essential items you need for a summer

Sunglasses, a Vilebrequin swimsuit, an Ipod, a linen shirt, and some good sunscreen.

Vilebrequin X Wallpaper Vilebrequin X Wallpaper

5. What is the best pool in your city?

The pool on the rooftop at Ceresio in Milano

6. How does the sun affect the lifestyle of the people in your city?

It affects a lot, the sun has the power to change the humor of people.

7. How do you like to keep cool on a hot city summer day?

The solution is to eat an excellent italian ice cream or granita. So refreshing!!

8. When the city heat gets to be too much, what do you do to cool down?

When I have the opportunity, I go to the sea.

9. What song sums up the summer for you?

Daft Punk – Get Lucky

10. When it comes to swimming are you more of a laps swimmer or do you just like to splash around ? 

Both, the important thing is to jump into the water.


Instagram: @liveranilorenzo

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