Vilebrequin garments are made for the long haul. Tailored to see you through the summers and remain a part of your adventures, they require a little love and attention to keep them looking sublime. Here are some things you can do to maximize wear from your favorite pieces.


  • CLEANING picto
    CLEANING This symbol Indicates the first step of the maintenance.
  • DRY CLEANING picto
    DRY CLEANING This symbol Indicates to not dry clean.
  • SPIN DRYING picto
    SPIN DRYING This symbol Indicates to not spin-dry.
  • DRY CLEANER picto
    DRY CLEANER This symbol is as a priority for dry cleaner.
  • IRONING picto
    IRONING This symbol informs of the iron's level
    of temperature:
    • Iron High 200°C max picto
      High 200°C max
    • Iron Medium 150°C max picto
      Medium 150°C max
    • Iron Low 110°C max picto
      Low 110°C max


We recommend washing your Vilebrequin products on a gentle 30 degree wash cycle. It’s a lot softer on them—not to mention the environment!

Another trick to keep your garments looking immaculate? Wash them on the reverse using a laundry net wherever possible.

Like you, you swimsuit enjoys a nice cool shower after a swim in the pool or ocean. Rinse well with clean water after each wear.