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Ibiza - Les Nouveaux St tropez Ibiza - Les Nouveaux St tropez

Ibiza, sea and peace

19 October 2017 - Destinations

Ibiza - New Saint-Tropez n°4


Let's immediately defeat the prejudices, Ibiza is not a giant nightclub for a noisy mass tourism. Well, it's not just that...

Ibiza Ibiza

An island with a fascinating story

Ibiza is also an island with a striking beauty and an unexpected story. No other land has been more welcoming. Refuge of The European intelligentsia in the 30's fleeing Franco's dictatorship and then Hitler's rise to power, this old port founded by the Phoenicians became in the 60's the land of asylum of the American deserters from the Vietnam and Korean wars, the Californian beatniks and the first hippies.


Peace and love

The biggest island of the Balearic Islands is then transformed into a European San Francisco, leaving its one-day or lifelong inhabitants experiment free and creative lifestyles. Intellectuals, artists, hedonists, jet setters, old-school people, revelers, people with a Bio lifestyle well ahead of time, and born and raised people from Ibiza, found their way around a way of life filled with humility: letting time fly facing the Mediterranean.


Best time to go there

Avoid summertime if you don't have a deep admiration for David Guetta. However, if you have no choice regarding the date of your holidays and have to visit Ibiza for the summer, go to the North of the island, definitely more preserved and full of secluded coves that can only be accessed by foot or bike. Otherwise, the late-season is fabulous.

La Granja, Ibiza La Granja, Ibiza

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Into the city of Ibiza

105 by la Cantine Hotel: In 2016, the Parisians of the Cantine du Faubourg inaugurated a new hotel that is already part of the Ibiza landscape. Located in front of the port, the 105 hotel accommodates 7 private apartments with a minimalist decor and raw materials, each having a pleasant balcony. Do not miss the hotel's excellent restaurant and its charming patio.


Into the lands

La Granja (24 from the city of Ibiza): You don't come to La Granja by accident, a very chic and bohemian farm. You come here to reconnect with a simpler pace of life that is more consistent with nature, in an environment so idyllic that it's hard to imagine that you will have to leave one day. Our favorite place! 
(Don't miss the visit of the traditional village of Santa Gertrudis located 10 minutes away by car).


In the North of the island, around San Juan

The Giri Residence (30 from the city of Ibiza): Gentleness and kindness are the key words of this charming boutique hotel with 5 rooms located in an old traditional renovated finca. The very essence of this island that we love.


In the West of the island, next to Cala Salada

Le Cabanon: If you want to get away from the world with your tribe and enjoy the unique experience of Ibiza, you have to rent Le Cabanon. Its location is impressive and breathtaking.

Giri Residence, Ibiza Giri Residence, Ibiza


Into the lands, in San Lorenzo

Paloma (22 min from the city of Ibiza): A perfect rustic setting! Located in the heart of nature, in an old house typical of the island, Paloma offers you to have lunch on large tables under the arbor or to be isolated on beautiful tables placed under the trees for more intimacy. They serve Italian cuisine, generous and fresh.


The Beach Huts (called chiringuito in Spain)

In the North of the island

Utopia (35 min from the city of Ibiza): It is the most secret beach hut of the island. Let's give you some tips before you taste the best grilled breams! You have to park at the port of San Miguel and then follow the sign that indicates Utopia. Only 10 minutes to walk to the cove.


Ses Boques (30 min from the city of Ibiza): Located in the amazing bay of Es Cubells, Ses Boques is certainly one of the most famous and valued chiringuitos of Ibiza for its local cuisine and its specialty, the arroz ciego (a family recipe transmitted from generation to generation). A must see for those who love a lunch on the waterfront, feet in the sand.

Ses Boques, Ibiza Ses Boques, Ibiza


Experimental Beach Ibiza (20 min from the city of Ibiza): If you like Paris, London or New York, and cocktails, then you probably know one of the bars of the Experimental Cocktail Club group! The Ibiza version will not disappoint you. A nice menu and the ideal spot for a sunset.


To do

- Ibiza without its parties and hippies would not fully be Ibiza. The Benirras party (in the North of the island) is the perfect event to find both. This party traditionally occurs every Sunday at sunset. We can't tell you more. 

- Going to the beach: Atlantis Beach, a secret beach with natural pools sculpted in the rocks (in the Southeast of the island). Only accessible by boat or by foot (45 min).

Admire the most beautiful sunset at Las Puertas del Cielo. The view is breathtaking from this bar/restaurant located after the Santa Inés village. You will have to cross a plain, a pine forest and follow a cliff within 3 kilometers but it's worth the view. (On the West coast of the island).

Visiter the villages of San Gertrudis, the perched village of Santa Eularia and its very lovely white-washed church called Puig de Misa, and San Juan, the village of the main hippie community of the island.



- The flea market of San Jordi (into the city of Ibiza): where you will find the best deals and the most authentic products of the island: local products, fruits and vegetables, furnitures and vintage clothing.

- Las Dahlias in San Carlos de Peralta (in the Northeast of the island) : the hippie handicraft market.

Ses Boques, Ibiza
Ibiza Ibiza

How do you get around?

By car! The island is not very big but without a car you will miss all the most beautiful hidden spots.


You can't leave Ibiza without

The "alpargatas payesas": traditional hand-woven espadrilles.


Before leaving

The movie to see: 

More (1969) from Barbet Shröder. 
The movie director, who lives in Ibiza for a part of year, reminds us of Ibiza in the '60s in a movie that became a cult. The soundtrack signed by the Pink Floyd is amazing.


Bring in your suitcase: 

For her: our silk dress peaceful carp fief.

For him: our bermuda with a modern psychedelia, swimsuit merise with superflex fish graphics.


Your trip's soundtrack

Cassius Ibifornia

The very French touch duo Cassius says it loud and clear: Ibiza is the new California! 


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