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23 April 2019 - Destinations

Discover which musical legend came to seek refuge and anonymity in the Spanish St-Tropez following a family tragedy. Hint: TAFKAP…

Marbella Club Hotel · Golf Resort & Spa-Vilebrequin Marbella Club Hotel · Golf Resort & Spa-Vilebrequin

Marbella: A Princely Game of Hide-and-seek

Looking at it today, it’s hard to believe that, in the 1940s, Marbella was nothing more than a fishing village with no electricity or running water. Having fallen under its spell, aristocratic playboy Ricardo Soriano purchased a plot of land on the seafront, soon to be joined by his nephew, Prince Alfonso. The latter transformed a traditional finca into a high-end hotel, convinced that he’d discovered a small corner of paradise. The legendary Marbella Club was born! It didn’t take long for Marbella to become a popular destination amongst English aristocrats and European royals. The town’s reputation knew no borders and was fuelled by rumours of some of the craziest parties of the time. Artists and jet-setters soon joined in, falling in love with this small Mediterranean village, an absolute must-see in the ’60s and ’70s.

Vilebrequin - Marbella Club Hotel

Father & Son matching swim trunks

Marbella-Prince-Vilebrequin @wikim俤ia commons Marbella-Prince-Vilebrequin @wikim俤ia commons


The village of Marbella in the ’70s :

Archive images of Marbella in the ’70s : Prince, during a press conference in Marbella in 1988:

The Marbella Club - Nicholas Foulkes

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