Deux femmes noires portrait Deux femmes noires portrait Deux femmes noires portrait Deux femmes noires portrait



With Deux Femmes Noires, Mickalene Thomas and Racquel Chevremont set out to increase visibility for artists of color—and female artists of color in particular.
Curated by JRP editions, the collaboration with Vilebrequin proposes a series of collages representing the Harlem Renaissance period, subverting the representation of women and inviting a polysemic reading of the signs applied to textiles.

For this collection, we meshed our perspectives to combine design and fashion with striking visual elements found within my artistic practice to exude joy and leisure. Vilebrequin’s global brand compliments the colorful, fun designs; my hope is that the pieces make people feel good— Mickalene Thomas.

Products range from swimsuits and beachwear to bags and accessories for both women and men, to offer an exceptional range of forms, patterns, and textures.

Being able to combine visual elements that slip between playfulness and sensuality depending on the silhouette, along with Vilebrequin’s unparalleled craftsmanship, has made working on this collaboration a memorable experience. Ultimately my hope is that this collection radiates joie de vivre.— Racquel Chevremont

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Originally from New Jersey, Mickalene Thomas lives and works in Brooklyn. A multidisciplinary artist and shapeshifter, she also acts as a curator, educator, and mentor to many rising emerging artists.

Racquel Chevremont was born and raised in NYC. A powerful force in the art world, she is sought out for her expertise and experience as an art consultant, advising institutions, corporations, collectors, and artists.